Illustrations for childrens' book of saints

These are images for a possible books of saints or "santos"  for young people.  Santos can be special ordered.

Immaculate Heart of Mary         Acrylic on wood        $150         

The Sacred Heart of Jesus        Acrylic on wood   $150

The Infant of Prague               Acrylic on wood  $250

La Virgen de Salud             Patzcuaro, Mexico                   Acrylic and wood  $250

Santo Niño de Atocha              Acrylic and wood   $250

Our Lady of Guadalupe              Acrylic and Wood    $250

Our Lady of Guadalupe 2          Acrylic and wood  $250

Our Lady of Guadalupe 3          Acrylic and wood   $250

St. Mary Magdalene                 Acrylic and wood   $250

St. Thomas Aquinas                 Acrylic and wood  $250

St. Anthony                           Acrylic and wood    $250

St. Philomena                         Acrylic and wood    $250

St. Francis of Assisi                 Acrylic and wood     $250

St. Jude                                Acrylic and wood    $250

St. Teresa of the little flower    Acrylic and wood   $250

St. Rita                                 Acrylic and wood     $250